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The artist, J. Price Wiesman on Lovebirds

There are nine different species of this small, short-tailed parrot which originates from Africa and Madagascar. They are hardy by nature and make delightful little pets. They are also very aggressive so care must be taken if you are integrating lovebirds with other birds. It is recommended that one acquire a young lovebird that has been hand raised by the breeder. A young lovebird can develop into a friendly pet and can be taught to talk and whistle quite successfully, even though they do not have the talking abilities of the larger parrots. The average life span is 10 to 15 years.

There are many lovebirds available and breeders have developed many color variations. Most Lovebirds are fairly inexpensive while some of the rarer colorations will be more expensive. Lovebirds are active little birds but do not require as large a cage as some of the other parrots. They do require a lot of toys and love attention. They are truly fearless little birds and can become delightful pets. The also are quite intelligent. My neighbor’s lovebird has mastered the sound of the "click" used to turn his light off and on (he has one of those "clapper lamps"). This lovebird’s favorite pastime is to turn the light out on him. Mark even tried varing the number of "claps" which this little lovebird mastered within a few tries.

Lovebirds Prints by J. Price Wiesman

Lovebirds: Masked, Golden Cherry, Fisher’s, and Blue MaskedLovebirds: Masked, Golden Cherry, Fisher’s, and Blue Masked

This print is one of my first painting showing multiple birds. It would be impossible to paint all the various colors and types of lovebirds that are available as pets. In this painting I tried to paint the major species from which all the new colors have evolved. I feel that many overlook these wonderful birds when acquiring a bird pet. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to keep. However, they do not get along with fellow lovebirds and retain their pet quality when maintained singularly.



Lovebird, West AfricanLovebird, West African

This is one of the rarer lovebirds and rarely usually not found in aviaries. I was struck by the unusual coloring and felt he deserved to be painted. I doubt that you will find one of these lovebirds available as a pet.