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The artist, J. Price Wiesman on Ducks

Various types of ducks are found almost everywhere from North America to Europe and Asia. There are four major goups: dabbling duck, diving duck, seaduck and sawbills. Their color and size is greatly varied. Of course, being an artist, my main interest is their color and beauty.

I have had personal experience having the white domestic duck as pets. My first duck was "GooGoo" and was an Easter present when I was a young girl. Back then you could have a single duck as a pet. While GooGoo was a special pet and well cared for, this is usually not the case. Hate to admit it but am glad they are now restricting the sale of young ducklings as Easter gifts nowadays.

Really did enjoy having GooGoo as my "special pet". Particularly liked the "imprinting" as he would follow me all around the house and outdoors. This duckís favorite past time was for me to hold him so he could stretch his neck down my back for a scratching. Naturally, when GooGoo matured the search was on to find that special lake for him. The trick was to find a private lake with ducks and not snapping turtles which can be very dangerous to young ducks. After much searching, we succeed and with tears in my eyes (as only a young girl can do), I had to walk away. He tried to follow then heeded the calls of the other ducks and joined them.

My second duck was won by my Dad at a country fair. It seems you had to toss a ring around decoys going around a circular tub. My dad figured out that it was rigged for left-handed people and tossed with his left hand. Think he rather enjoyed walking around the fair with a full grown white duck under his arm. That is, until someone told him that the night before someone was carrying a duck around and Ö well was a messy incident. Needless to say we quickly went home. GooGoo II enjoyed a few weeks in our basement … had his own large tub and all. Again, the hunt for that special lake and freedom. This incident occurred many, many years ago and I have never seen a "Win a Duck" toss again. For this I am grateful. Ducks should not be treated this way. Hate to think what happened to the others … do have a good idea though.

My third experience involved raising 2 small mallard ducklings. This time my daughter was the culprit. Where she worked there was a lake with a pair of mallard ducks with their young. Unfortunately, this lake had large snapping turtles. When the ducklings went from seven to three within several days, my daughter caught two of the remaining three and brought them home … to me naturally. They were raised in our downstairs bathtub. We took special care not to interact with them so they remained quite wild. Upon maturity we found yet another special lake.

What I am trying to say is that ducks are beautiful but they are not pets. Let them enjoy their natural habitat. For the most part they are very hardy and not really endangered. Canít tell you how great it is to set one free.

Ducks Prints by J. Price Wiesman

Duck, MallardDuck, Mallard

After my experience with the Mallard ducklings … well had to paint a Mallard duck. While not as "flashy" color-wise as some of the others they have a nice quite beauty. To me, this print has a very tranquil feeling.



Duck, Wood DuckDuck, Wood Duck 1

I hope this print reflects the beautiful coloring of the little Wood duck. Wood ducks are delightful to watch as they scurry along the banks of a river. You have to keep an eye out for them though as they are quick and hard to spot. This was one of my first "duck" paintings.



Duck, Wood DuckDuck, Wood Duck 2

In this painting I wanted to paint the Wood Duck in a tree. Even though you usually find the Wood duck along the edges of rivers and lakes, they actually nest in trees. They are truly woodland ducks; never far from trees. Wood ducks are truly amazing little birds.



Duck, MerganserDuck, Merganser

I find the markings of a Merganser duck striking due to the contrast of the black with the white markings. I simply had to paint one. The Crest is not always up; but, is always up when the male is courting. It the smallest of the American sawbilled ducks. This is "my courting duck".